TO CREATE TRULY GREAT PHOTOGRAPHS, you need to be able to express your very being through a camera lens. Anyone can learn technique. Only you, however, can create the art behind your eyes. In our time together, you will learn technique but, more importantly, I'll help you define and express your own creative path, tapping into the spiritual and emotional resources that you didn't know you had to elevate your work into fine art. (Being a retired psychotherapist pays off here.)

The accomplishments I’ve enjoyed as a photographer grew largely out of weekly critique of my work by a small group of colleagues known as the Philadelphia Photo Circle. Their gentle, yet keen, review helped me identify strong and weak points of each print I squeamishly put up on the mantle. Most importantly, their reflections were offered strictly in the context of my own vision– and not out of a desire to make my work conform to somebody else’s style. This is a crucial aspect of selecting a coach: you want to become better at expressing yourself (not your coach) through your images!
My ability to help you do that is unique for having spent years enabling others to grow emotionally without imposing my own agenda on them.

I invite photographers of all skill levels– beginner to expert– to grow through the same kind of supportive photographic guidance my colleagues shared with me by which my work was so deeply enriched. And I invite you to become a fine artist with your camera-- quickly and joyfully.


Two Packages are offered at progressive savings: Core Essential (2 sessions, each 1.5 hours long at $65 per hour) and Core Extensive (5 sessions, each 1.5 hours long at $60 per hour). Once five sessions have been completed, single 1 hour advanced sessions at $50. can be scheduled whenever you wish. I work live online with students anywhere in the world provided we can share my desktop through a broadband internet connection while simultaneously talking on the phone. (Calls outside of the U.S. need to be paid for by the student). To meet in person, you'll need to be in Tucson (Atlanta and Maine are sometimes options. Check with me). Once you have purchased your Core Package and have emailed me your photos, I'll call you to set a time for the first session.


Core Essential Package: $195

Two 1.5 hour sessions ($65 hr)

Core Extensive Package: $450
(includes Core Essential)
Five 1.5 hour sessions ($60 hr)

Beyond Core: $50 hr
(advanced sessions)

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© 2015 Linda Griffith, Images May Not Be Reproduced Without Permission
To start, I will want to see JPG copies of your seven very best photographs at 72 resolution. (If you don't know what that means, don't worry. I'll help you with it). You'll email me your images and together (in person or online) we'll identify the fabulous parts of each one, as well as the uh-oh's. I will demonstrate from my desktop how changing the cropping, composition, tonality, line and/or color might vastly improve the quality of the image. You will see me working within Photoshop and, therefore, will also pick up some great editing skills, as well.

At the end of each session, I'll give you a something to consider when creating the next round of 7 images, which I'll ask you to email to me the day before our next meeting. Core Essential clients will leave their 2 sessions with an aresenal of new tools for greatly improved work. Getting you onto solid technical footing is what Core Essential is all about.

Core Extensive clients not only receive Core Essential coaching, but will begin to uncover and develop their own personal visions as I have the opportunity to see more and more ever-improving images across the 5 sessions. Getting to the real you in your work is what the Core Extensive Package is about. Whether you are an absolute beginner or an internationally known professional (I'm comfortable with both and everyone in between), we'll start where you are and get way beyond there as I help you not only see differently but feel differently while shooting.

If you belong to a photography club or have a group of friends interested in photography, consider hosting an intensive Photography Workshop that takes up to 9 participants on an outside-the-box journey toward groundbreaking personal work. I offer workshops in Tucson, at your location nationally and at my artist's retreat in Aroostook County, Maine: Magic Pond.